Support Plans

Support Plans. We’ll set you up for success.

TS Support Plans – Standard, Premium, and Enterprise – is an additional service program designed to provide technical support in accordance with your business needs. For a broad range of customers the Standard plan will be sufficient, while others may be better served with shorter reaction times, telephone support during weekdays or even 24×7 assistance.

Choose the plan that is best for you and your team.

  Standard Premium Enterprise
Reaction Time (Severity Level 1)* 48 8 4
Reaction Time (Severity Level 2)* 72 48 24
Reaction Time (Severity Level 3)* 72 48
Reaction Time (Severity Level 4)* 120 72
Resolution Time not applicable not applicable Per Agreement
Phone Support (24×7 Level 1 & 2) not applicable not applicable applicable
Phone Support (weekdays 08:30-16:30) not applicable applicable applicable
Error Notification (GreyLog, Server) not applicable applicable applicable
Application Guarantee** not applicable not applicable applicable
Platform Guarantee** applicable applicable applicable
Support Portal Access applicable applicable applicable
Developers/Admins 1xAdmin 3xAdmin Per Agreement
Service Window (maintenance) 00-24 16-08 2-hour Slot
Price /month DKK Free 3.250,00 from 10.500,00

*Support is offered on weekdays 08:30 – 16:30 unless otherwise specified in an Enterprise Support Agreement. Severity levels one through four referenced above are defined as follows:

  • Severity Level 1: Business Standstill (service down),
  • Severity Level 2: Significant Business Impact (no workaround), 
  • Severity Level 3: Some Business Impact (workaround available),
  • Severity Level 4: No Business Impact (i.e. cosmetic issue).

In relation to the different support plans please review our Service Level Agreement.

**All customers are covered by a platform guarantee which means that any fault or defect directly attributable to the TS No-code Platform itself will be fixed free of charge. Faults or defects in TS Applications, on the other hand, are resolved on a time and material basis unless customer has entered into an Enterprise Support Agreement.

All prices are listed in DKK exclusive VAT. TS reserves the right to adjust prices in accordance with the development in the Danish net price index.

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Are you in need of technical support? Customers and partners alike can submit a ticket via TS Support system. You can access the system via the following link: TS Support